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Welcome to the School of Fear Role Play Wiki[]

Read the School of Fear series? Want to make your own character, with their own fear? Well come on down to School of Fear Role play Wiki! Go on down to the enrollment sign-up and get your character made!

List of Rules[]

  • No meatpuppeting/sockpuppeting. (Sockpuppeting: either abusing multiple accounts (i.e., using them to vote for yourself multiple times) or creating a new account to evade a ban. Meatpuppeting: asking your friends to come on this site and support you)
  • No cyber-bullying. Believe it or not, people actually commit suicide because of it. If you bully someone, your account will be blocked, no exceptions.
  • Nothing here shouldn't be appropriate for a eleven-year-old kid to read. Bleeped-out swearing (ex. sh*t).
  • Don't edit pages that don't belong to you, unless it's a page that anyone can edit, or you're a beta for that page. (Adding categories is okay as long as the user's okay with it.)
  • No trolling! (ex. constantly annoying people even when they ask you to stop)
  • NO SPAMMING! Vandalism will result in a one-week ban.
  • No giving out personal information.

Chat Rules[]

  • No cyber-bullying
  • No trolling. If someone asks you to stop, please respect their wishes.

Admins and Rollbackers[]

Feel free to contact any of the admins if you have a question or a suggestion, or if you need help with anything.



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